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WELCOME in The objective of building this website is to provide complete references before or when you travel to Indonesia. One day when we planned to do some traveling in Indonesia, which is our own country, we found that it was so difficult to get the information we required as a guide to do the traveling. Based on that experience we decided to build We hope that would help anybody (either you’re foreigner or Indonesian citizen) who plan to travel Indonesia, who may need information as a reference and guide to travel in Indonesia.

At the moment the information provided at might be limited to certain places only. However, our objective and our commitment are to provide travel information as complete as possible. Hence, you could expect that when you come back again to next time, you should see new information about traveling in Indonesia.

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Indonesia is one of the countries that lie in South East Asia, between the continent of Asia and Australia, and spread out along 3997 mil between Hindia Ocean and Pacific Ocean. Indonesia lies on the line of equator, spread out from 6o north latitude to 11o south latitude, and from 97o to 141o of East Longitudinal. Total width of Indonesia including the waters territorial is 1.9 square mills. Read more...