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Dunia Fantasy (Dufan)
Jakarta Region Balada Kera Indonesia Region Eropa Region

Address: Kompleks Taman Impian Jaya Ancol,  Jl. R. E. Martadinata, North Jakarta. 

Telp. (021) 645 0117, 6450 6711, 640 6712   Fax. (021) 645 0118

Open everyday from 09.00am to 18.00pm

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Mascot of Dunia Fantasy

Dufan Mascot

Ancol Facilities

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Dunia Fantasy is a theme park arena, part of Jaya Ancol Dreamland Park. For most Indonesian people, Dunia Fantasy better known as Dufan. Dunia Fantasy has variose kind of games that divided and grouped into regions that consist of Jakarta Region, Balada Kera Region, Indonesia Region, Eropa Region, Hikayat Region, Amerika Region, Istana Boneka Region and Asia Region.

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Turangga-RanggaJakarta Region is characterized by the existence of Turangga Rangga, a merry-go round with tens of ride horses decorated with thousands of flickering lamps. At evening time, the flickering lamps will be looked more glittering and merrier.

Balada Kera

Balada KeraBalada Kera Region presents caricatural musical drama played by tens of animatronic dolls of gorillas and chimpanzees. Besides Balada Kera there’re also other games arena in this region, including Ubangga (boom boom car) which offers a challage in driving car, and Safari games with many kinds of adroitness games.

Indonesia Region

Indonesia Region has games arena like Alap-Alap (some kind of swinging carriage), Balon Race (balloons that go around carrying childrens round and round), Jungkang-Jungking (arena for childrens located on a hill facilitated with climbing facility, sliding board, net climbing and many other games).

Eropa Region

Eropa Region has games arenas like Beng Beng, an arena to test your skillful in several kinds of games. The building of the arena built with Switzerland architecture style. There is also Kicir-Kicir or windmill games arena, Maxima or a stage where the work of musicians, choreographers and actors presented.

Hikayat Region

Halilintar (Roller Coaster)Hikayat Region has several games facilities like rafting on a fast current as if it’s streaming from the mountain; Burung Tempur, a jet-fighter for children in a form of robotic bird; Halilintar, a roller coaster which could make your hearth beat rapidly; Hikayat Game, is an arena for many kind of games which need certain skillful; Ombang Ambing, is a giant plate that move in a wave rhythmic; Ontang Anting, is a merry-go round, Perang Bintang, gives you a fururistic adventure as if you’re wandering at the outer space; Pontang Panting, is a three wheels swinging vehicle; Teater Simulator is an arena where you could experience as if you’re in a journey of cracking the sky. The newest arena that’s very popular in Dunia Fantasy currently is Tornado.

Amerika Region

Amerika Region has several playing arenas like Lorong Sesat, a glass walled trail which gives you unlimited reflections so you feel as if there’s no space dimension there. There’s also Niagara sliding carriage, a boat in a beam of wood form which moves with the water stream and climbs up to 30 meters before slides down from the high and plunged into the water stream again. Amerika Region has other arena as well like Poci Poci, a giant mug; Rango-Rango, a slanted wooden house with country architecture style; and Tembak Jitu (Accurate Shoot) shooting arena with 100 animatronic dolls as shooting target.

Istana Boneka Region

Istana Boneka Region is a palace of dolls which has hundreds of animatronic dolls collections represents variouse ethnicity and culture from the whole regions in Indonesia and many other countries in the world. Visitors will ride a boat to explore the palace accompanied with country music from the region represented that’s passed through by the boat. The building of the doll palace was designed with a combination of ten Indonesian building architecture which at the end created a new architecture style.

Asia Region

BianglalaAsia Region has several playing arena like Baku Toki, another boom boom car arena; Bianglala, a giant windmill which was constructed with an with a tipical Thailand architecture and ornament style; Gajah Bledug, elephants like with Indian style flying while swinging in a circle moves. Another playing arena in Asia Region is Kora-Kora, a big yacht swinging high that makes your heart beats rapidly.

  • Dunia Fantasy is one of the most popular and interesting theme parks at Jaya Ancol Dreamland Park. Dunia Fantasy mostly visited on Saturday, Sunday and holidays. Even on the weekdays Dunia Fantasy could be quite crowded. Hence, it may be better to visit Dunia Fantasy on the weekdays if you are not a kind of crowds’ lover. Even if you like to visit Dunia Fantasy on Saturday, Sunday and holidays, it’s good to visit in the morning.
  • The most interesting games for Dunia Fantasy’s visitors are Halilintar (roller coaster), Tornado, Arung Jeram (rafting), Niagara and Kora-Kora. So when you visit Dunia Fantasy in the morning, it’s beter to prioritize at those arena before the quei become so long.
  • If you plan to enjoy the Arung Jeram (rafting arena) at Dunia Fantasy, please bring cloths for changes in case the cloths you wear getting wet during the game.