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Jakarta Kota Station (BEOS)

Address : Jl. Taman Stasiun Kota No. 1, Jakarta Barat, Telp. (021) 6928515
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Jakarta Kota Station (also called BEOS by local people) is railway station of the Dutch inheritance. Jakarta Kota Station (BEOS) is located at the area of Kota Tua, Jakarta, and that’s why the name became Jakarta Kota Station. In the Dutch governmental time, Kota Tua Jakarta was well-known as Batavia. At that time Jakarta Kota Station (BEOS) was utilized to connect Batavia City with other areas near to Batavia, such as Bogor and Bandung.

You may wonder why Jakarta Kota Station is also called as Beos. BEOS is the abbreviation of Bataviasche Ooster Spoorweg Maatschapij (East Batavia Train Enterprise). In the glorious time of Batavia, BEOS station was also known as Batavia Zuid (South Batavia Station). Jakarta Kota Station was designed to have 12 railroads which is still utilized until now.

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Jakarta Kota Station (BEOS) was constructed around 1870, and the building was then closed and renovated in 1926 and became a building like what it looks now. The station was officially announced to be utilized on 8th October 1929 by General Governor Jr. A.C.D. de Graef who was governed at Nederland Indies from 1926 to 1931. The architect who built Jakarta Kota Station was Frans Johan Louwrens Ghijsels, a Dutch architecture engineer who was born in Indonesia. Jakarta Kota Station was a magnum work of Ghijsels that was expressed as Het Indische Bouwen, which means combination of modern west technique and structure with the local traditional characteristic. The design of Ghijsels was impressed as simple but yet with a high aspiration. Jakarta Kota Station (BEOS) was then decided to be one of culture preserve in Indonesia in 1993.

Interesting Places Near to Jakarta Kota Station (BEOS)

There’re still many other interesting places near Jakarta Kota Station you may able to visit as well. Those places are including Bank Mandiri Museum, Bank Indonesia Museum, Jakarta History Museum, Wayang Museum, Fine Art and Ceramic Museum, Maritime Museum, Sunda Kelapa Harbor, Kota Intan Bridge, Syahbandar Tower, Batavia Café, and Batavia Hotel. Glodok area which is known as the China Town of Jakarta is only 1 km away from Jakarta Kota Station. Ancol Dreamland Park, a theme park which has Dunia Fantasy, SeaWorld Indonesia, and Gelanggang Samudera is only 4 – 5 kms away from Jakarta Kota Station.

  • If you are a history tour lover then Jakarta Kota Station is one of the objects you should visit when you visit Jakarta, Indonesia. The architecture design was said to be the best one at its age.
  • To visit Jakarta Kota Station (BEOS) you can use personal vehicle or taxi. Alternatively you can also ride TransJakarta Busway from first corridor, which lane is from Blok M to Kota Tua. Kota Busway Station is the last station of the first corridor’s Busway. Jakarta Kota Station is just at the cross side of Kota Busway Station.
Pictures on Jakarta Kota Station (BEOS)
Inside the Station - 1 Inside the Station - 2 The Railroad Platform Salesmen & Passangers
Inside Station Inside Station - 2 The Railroad Platform Salesmen & Passangers