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Trans Jakarta Busway

Most of in town transportation in Jakarta is still counting on road transportation. Jakarta doesn’t have any monorail or subway facilities yet. However, the government has planned to improve the transportation facilities. Some transportation facilities can be used in Jakarta are including:

Jakarta Attractions

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Generally taxies in Jakarta can be classified into three categories based on the fare:

    1. Silver BirdPremium fare taxi (exclusive taxi). To take this taxi a pre-booking is usually required, except at certain places like the airport, and some stared hotel. The name of taxi under this category is Silver Bird, and it’s the only one.   


    1. Higher fare taxi (Tarif Atas). This taxi just like the other common taxi which operated and can be seen at almost all roads in Jakarta. This kind of taxi increases its fare when the government allowed the increasing of transportation fare due to the increase on fuel prices. The name of taxi which’s regarded as having good reputation by most of Jakarta people is Blue Bird.

    Blue Bird TaxiBlue Bird has several taxies in its group. One of the characteristics of Blue Bird Group is the blue color of their car. However, not all taxi with blue color is Blue Bird. Blue Bird taxi usually has some characteristics as follow:

    • There’s a sun screen sticker on the windshield saying “Blue Bird Group”.
    • You can see the taxi code on the window.
    • All drivers have an identity.
    • All drivers wear a blue color uniform.

    Taxies that included in the Blue Bird Group are Silver Bird (exclusive taxi), Blue Bird, Morante, Cendrawasih, Pusaka Nuri, Pusaka Satria, Pusaka Lintas, Pusaka Biru, Pusaka Prima, and Pusaka Sentra. If you like to order Blue Bird taxi, you may call their call center at (021) 7917 1234.

    1. Express TaxiLower fare taxi (Tarif Bawah). This kind of taxi is also an ordinary taxi just like the one with new fare. However, taxies under this category didn’t increase its fare along with the increase of fuel prices. It makes those taxies offered a lower fare compared with the others. The characteristic of this taxi is that on the windshield written “Tarif Lama” to distinguish it from new fare taxies. Those taxies regarded as the most reputable taxies under this category are Express and Putra.
TransJakarta Busway

TransJakarta Busway has a separated lane and station from the other vehicles, and supplemented with air conditioner making the trip by the bus more comfortable compared to the other buses.  The separated lane makes busway could avoid traffic jam as what usually happened everyday in Jakarta. There’re many tourism area that pass through TransJakarta Busway lane.


In town buses which are used by most of Jakarta people are Kopaja, Metromini, and Mikrolet. However those busses are not recommended for foreign tourist considering the safety and comfort of tourists, except for those foreign tourists that can speak Indonesian or Malay well and recognize the areas in Jakarta very well.



Bajaj is a three wheeled vehicle used as transportation facility and produced by Indian. Bajaj is recommended only for short distance trip. Additionally, bajaj is prohibited to enter the main streets like Jalan Thamrin, Sudirman, Gatot Subroto and HR. Rasuna Said (Kuningan).