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Maritime Museum (Museum Bahari)

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Address: Jl. Pasar Ikan No. 1, North Jakarta, Telp. (021) 6693406, 6692476 Fax. (021) 6690518

Open hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 09.00am – 15.00pm, closed on Monday and holidays

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Maritime Museum

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Maritime Museum presents complete information about Indonesian nautical matters. Maritime Museum occupied two levels of building used as exhibition rooms from the total of three levels of floor in the building. Thes material used on the building dominated by wood. Large windows in the building functioned as ventilation, making the building has a good air circulation.

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Exhibition Hall of Maritime MuseumThe building of Maritime Museum was formerly a spicy warehouse of Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie (VOC). VOC was Holland’s company taking care of trading activities on both land and sea, for the interest of Holland Kingdom. In 1893, VOC constructed a tower at the edge of Jakarta Gulf Beach. The tower that is known as Syahbandar Tower is 300 meters away from the spicy warehouse. There’re two other buildings built facing the tower. The aim of constructing the warehouse, two buildings and tower were to facilitate VOC on watching and controlling boats and ships traffic, as well as to facilitate the administration of spicy trading to Europe.  In 1942, Japan occupied Indonesia and changed the function of spicy warehouse to become logistic warehouse of military equipments. After the freedom of Indonesia in 1945, the former spicy warehouse used as logistic warehouse of PTT and PLN. In 1976 the warehouse was renovated. On 7th July, 1977 the building was officially announced as Maritime Museum by governor of DKI Jakarta at that time, Ali Sadikin.


Old Boat at Maritime MuseumMaritime Museum has more than 1800 collections of many kinds of traditional boats from all the areas in Indonesia. Some of the traditional boats are Lancang Kuning boat from Riau, Jukung boat from Kalimantan, Phinisi boat from Bugis, Makasar, Kora-Kora boat from Maluku, Mayang boat from north beach of Java and Cadik Karere boat from Papua. Besides the boats, Maritime Museum has other collections like supporting facilities for sailing, ship models from 19th century, folklores of fisherman society, flora and fauna in the sea, Indonesian people sailing route, paintings of prominent figures in maritime, and other important information about nautical matters.

Other Places Near to Maritime Museum

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Lancang Kuning Maruta Jaya Phinisi Nusantara Jayapura 02
Water Bowl Ship Rudder Tang Woo Lamp The outside yard
  • You could ride personal vehicle or taxi to get to Maritime Museum. As an alternative you could also ride Trans Jakarta Busway from first corridor, route of Blok M to Kota Tua. You need to get off at the last station, Kota Tua, and from there you ride a taxi, bajaj or bicycle ojek to Maritime Museum (called Museum Bahari in Bahasa Indonesia). Maritime Museum is about 2km away from Kota Tua Station.