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Schmutzer Primate Center (Pusat Primata Schmutzer)

Address: Kompleks Taman Margasatwa Ragunan, Jl. RM. Harsono no. 1, Ragunan, South Jakarta 12550. Phone: (021) 7805280, (021) 7806975, Fax: (021) 7805280

Open hours: Everyday, 07:00am to 17:00pm


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Schmutzer Primate Center

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Schmutzer Primate Center is an artificial habitat of primates like gorilla, chimpanzee, orang utan and other kinds of primate. Schmutzer Primate Center is located at Ragunan Zoological Park area. Visitors of Schmutzer Primate Center can observe the behavior and activities of gorilla from a sky cross that was built over the area where gorillas inhabited. The sky cross for observation that’s covered by canopy roof is the main lane that visitors would find once they enter the building. The design of Schmutzer Primate Center was set close to the natural primate habitat with attractive layout of each room. The layout of Schmutzer accommodates the pleasure of primates as inhabitant and visitors who want to see the natural life of primates as in the wild nature.

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Schmutzer Primate Center was built in 2000. It’s officially announced and open on 20th August, 2000, by Mr. Sutiyoso, the governor of DKI Jakarta at that time. Schmutzer Primate Center was a grant from the late Pauline Antoinette Adeline Schmutzer for Indonesia. She expected that the grant could help Indonesian people to value and care of the wild animal preservation in Indonesia more.

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The primates collections own by Schmutzer Primate Center are including gorilla, orang utan of Kalimantan, Grey Owa of Java, chimpanzee, Si Amang and many others.

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Sky Cross

Sky Cross can be use to observe primates underneath


Schmutzer Primate Center was designed to be a recreation area as well a place for educational and research activities. To support the goal, Schmutzer Primate Center is equipped with some facilities like theater, library, educational cave for children, educational arena, suspension bridge and artificial tunnel which long reach 250 meters. The artificial bridge is used to observe the activities of orang utan.

Gorilla Orang Utan Conny Monkey Observing Window
  • Visitors are prohibited to bring food and beverage into Schmutzer Primate Center area. If any visitor brings food and beverage then they have to keep them at the deposit stand before entering the area. Water cranes for drink with sterilized water are available in Schmutzer Primate Center area.
  • Since Schmutzer Primate Center located in the area of Ragunan Zoological Park, hence the tips provided at Ragunan Zoological Park can be used as a reference to visit Schmutzer Primate Center. One of them is that the area visited most crowded on Saturday, Sunday and holidays. The most peak season is Sunday.
  • Please see the tips on how to get to Ragunan Zoological Park in order for you to get to Schmutzer Primate Center.