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Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII)

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Address : Kompleks Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Phone : 021-8409214, 8409210, 8409270, 8409236, 8409239, Fax : 021-8400709

Open hour: every day, 08.00 – 17.00 Jakarta Time

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Taman Mini Indonesia Indah/TMII (literally translated: “Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park”) is a recreation area and park which is the synopsis of virtual aspects of Indonesian life, representing the cultures, natures and heritages of Indonesian people. TMII located at an area called Pondok Gede, East Jakarta, with total width of 165 hectares.

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It was on 13th March 1970 in a meeting in the residence of President Soeharto (the 2nd President of Indonesia), Mrs. Siti Hartinah Soeharto, President Soeharto’s wife, proposed an idea of creating a way to raise the senses of nationality, devotion and proud of Indonesia among Indonesian people. The idea was then realized by constructing a recreation area which represents the wealth and beauty of Indonesia in miniatures, which named Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII). The construction of TMII was started in 1971, and officially open on 20th April, 1975.

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WestSumateraPavilionThe traditional pavilions appear as traditional houses and buildings from 26 provinces in Indonesia. The pavilions are supplemented with ornaments and motifs from each territory. They are also equipped with traditional furniture that is unique to each territory. Some pavilions you could see in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah are including traditional house of Tongkonan from Tana Toraja,  Bolon from Batak Toba, Bagonjong from West Sumatera, Joglo from Java,  and Lamin from Dayak Ethnic at East Kalimantan. Since there are 26 provinces represented at TMII, hence there’re also 26 pavilions in there. However, there’s a plan to construct six more pavilions which will represent six new provinces in Indonesia.


There are 15 units of museum in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, as follow:

  • Indonesian Museum
  • Military Museum
  • Stamp Museum
  • Heirloom  Museum
  • Transportation Museum
  • Power and New Energy Museum
  • Telecommunication Museum
  • Information Museum
  • Sport Museum
  • Asmat Museum
  • Komodo Museum
  • Insect Museum
  • Science and Technology Display Museum
  • Oil and Gas Museum

You could enjoy 11 units of parks in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah:

  • Orchid Park
  • Living Pharmacy Park
  • Cokot Park
  • Cactus Park
  • Jasmine Park
  • Keong Emas Flower Park
  • Fresh Water Aquarium Park
  • Bekisar Park
  • Bird Park
  • APEC Inscription Park
  • Seven Pillars Building
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Recreation Facilities

The recreation facilities you could enjoy in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah are:

  • Indonesian Children Castile
  • Swan Boat of Indonesia
  • Among Putro Park
  • Ria Atmaja Park
  • Ambar Tirta Swimming Pool
  • Keong Emas Imax Theater
  • Wisata Village
  • Tanah Airku Theater




You could get around Taman Mini Indonesia Indah by walking, driving personal vehicle, renting bicycle or using transportation facilities provided by Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. Transportation facilities provided by Taman Mini Indonesia Indah are including TMII ride that brings people to travel around TMII, mini train, Samirono passageway train, swan boat, and cable car (named Sky Lift Indonesia).

  • Weekend and holidays always been the peak season at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. If you’re not a type of person who enjoys crowds, it’s recommended to visit Taman Mini Indonesia Indah on weekdays.

  • Since the recreation area in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is wide enough, it’s good for you to start your trip there since morning.

  • Do not forget to bring umbrella or hat to protect you head from sun, especially if you intend to get around by walk.

  • As far as possible please wear flexible footwear which you could wear and un-wear easily. When you enter the pavilion you’re not allowed to wear footwear.

  • The easiest transportation to reach Taman Mini Indonesia Indah so far is by taxi.